The Candles are Prophetic

From the Shabbos candles, one can know what will happen during the week, and from the Chanukah candles, one can know what will happen during the year. ~ R’ Pinchas of Koritz zt’l

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5 Responses to The Candles are Prophetic

  1. Trina FLEISCHMANN says:

    What does this mean? How can you see the coming week/year from the candles? Can you please explain?

    • Emuna Daily says:

      Sorry, I should have been more clear. Although in the past, there were those, such as the Arizal, that were able to interpret the flames, today, we are not on that level. I just find it amazing when looking at the flames to know that they do mean something, even if we don’t understand it.

  2. T F says:

    Thank you! So true.

  3. orly shadovitz says:

    I usually love all your emails…this one though made me think of last year’s candles right before the pandemic started when we never saw it coming in the candles so to speak.
    bottom line, today’s email was beyond my comprehension

    • Emuna Daily says:

      Sorry, yes, today’s quote was very deep. I just wanted people to realize that when they look at the candles, they are so holy. Of course, we are not on the level to understand what they are saying, but that is ok. Hopefully, they are saying that this year will be an incredible year filled with beracha, only good things and the coming of Moshiach!

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