Make the Connection

Look around. You can see we’re facing more challenges than ever before, because before Mashiach comes, everyone needs to call forth a little more depth, a little more meaning in their avodah. It isn’t enough to assume that things can just coast along, that a person will never have doubts, that marriage will be perfect; everything takes work! But how does one develop the passion necessary to work hard?

It comes from the realization that Hashem is always with us, and the desire to learn to live with Him, to realize Whom you are working for and Who is cheering you on.

It can change your life. And the way to build up that awareness is to talk to Him, constantly, to go through the day thanking and asking and telling and thanking again. The more you work on feeling the connection, the more you will feel Him. Crying where you are in pain, laughing when you’re happy, these are all tefillos once you are aware of that reality. ~ R’ Shalom Arush Shlita

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