Make a Choice!

The urge to speak about others is very strong; the words are out of your mouth before you can stop them, it seems.

So I want to make a suggestion. You have something to say, and you really want to say it, you’re bursting. I get that. You’re really very upset.

Take a few seconds, that’s all. Write down what it is you want to share – who was nasty to you, who treated you unfairly, who looks silly – and put it on a paper. Then, take a second piece of paper and write two more words.

Olam Haba.

The World to Come.

Read the first paper, then the second paper – and then make a choice.

You might just reason that Olam Haba, eternity, is a big thing; it’s really not worth saying it after all. Or you might just say, “No, I need to say this.”

But at least make the choice. Think it through.

Don’t just give up eternity because you didn’t take a moment to think first.

Pause. Think. Then make a choice.

~ Rav Gav Friedman

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2 Responses to Make a Choice!

  1. Devora David says:

    Thank you for all these daily emails, I feel like I’m really growing!

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