Whatever You Want

The Mareh Yechezkel zt’l teaches that throughout the year, when one prays for things that are necessary, such as health, food, and the like, his tefillos will always be answered. However, when one davens for luxuries, such as wealth, or other matters one can live without, it is not certain that Hashem will grant his wishes. Heaven will weigh the pros and cons and his worthiness and decide whether to give it or not.

Purim is an exception. Even the tefillos for extravagances and luxuries will be answered!

Tonight and tomorrow, find a place where no one will bother you and just talk to Hashem. Don’t hold back. Just like in the Megillah, the king said “What concerns you, Queen Esther, and what is your petition? Even to half the kingdom, it will be given to you,” we are given such an opportunity to make our requests to the real King.

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