No Boundaries

There are no boundaries to the love parents have for their children. When we ask little children how much they love their parents, they spread their arms apart, “this much, or “Until Shamayim.”

Now, if a parent gives so much love to their first child, such limitless uncontained love, how can they love their second child, or their third or their ninth?

The answer is that a person can have infinite love, with no boundaries, for more than one child. They can do it again and again.

And if they have a special needs child? Then they find new reservoirs of love, even more, because that child will only exist within that love.

HaKadosh Barcuch Hu loves every single one of us, in a limitless way. And the special ones? The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that those special ones, the ones who are struggling and far and distant…they get a special love, because they need it most.

~ R’ Zecharia Wallerstein

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