I heard it 1000 times!

When the Klausenberger Rebbe zt”l asked the head of a yeshiva why he threw a bachur out after he told him he is ready to change, he replied that “this bachur promised me 1000 times he will improve and he never keeps his word.”

The Rebbe held his white beard and said to him, “I am already old. During these years I promised Hashem more than 1000 times that I will improve, and I haven’t done so yet. According to what you’re saying, it’s impossible for me to change. There’s no hope. But it isn’t so. As long as a Yid lives, he still has potential to improve his ways…”

After this conversation, he allowed the bachur back into the yeshiva. This story is a reminder that one can always improve.  This is the essence of Nissan, a time that we can all start anew.

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