Focus Within

How many times have we discovered, after the fact, that the difficult experience we just had, the job we lost, the health or financial challenge, was an amazing blessing?

We only realize it later on.

We live in a world that is an illusion, and sometimes we fall into the trap of believing it’s that which is outside of us that is worth chasing, not what’s inside of us. We think that things outside of us define us. It’s the other way around. If something is outside of me, I’ll never really get it, I’ll be chasing it forever.  What’s inside of me is there.

It’s not what you don’t have, but what you already have and haven’t even noticed.

Pay attention to what’s inside, and you’ll find so much blessing. ~ R’ Jonathan Rietti

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1 Response to Focus Within

  1. shikkerdovid says:

    Deep. Hard to do. But that is real faith.

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