The Importance of This Mitzvah

It is known just how important it is to honor parents. Honoring them is compared to honoring Hashem. To disgrace them is a grave sin….Therefore, dear children of Bnei Yisrael, honor Hashem, and be careful to honor your father and mother. Listen to everything they say….

Each mitzvah has its mazal. People spend a lot of money to have the merit to open up the aron kodesh or to be a sandak, and the like, but these aren’t mitzvos from the Torah or mitzvos of the rabbanan. They are chibuv mitzvah (a gesture, showing love for the mitzvos). Ashreihem Yisrael (they are fortunate)! However, each time one obeys his father or his mother he is doing a mitzvah from the Torah! But the fools transgress and they are punished.” ~ The Pele Yoetz

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