Lesson from a Watch

Reb Avraham Genichovsky zt’l told his students that once, his watch fell to the ground and stopped working. He thought that something must have broken inside, because it was working well until it fell. He brought it to a watchmaker, who said that all it needed was a new battery.

That seemed strange. It stopped working when it fell. Why should the battery die exactly when the watch fell to the ground?

The watchmaker explained, “The battery was weak, but functioning. When it fell, the watch stopped for a moment, but it didn’t have strength to begin again.”

Reb Avraham Genichovsky told his students that one’s emunah needs to be strong, so that even when one falls, or when goes through hard times, his emunah won’t fail. If the emunah is weak, every small struggle may cause him to fail.”

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1 Response to Lesson from a Watch

  1. Layah Ornish says:

    B”H he had an honest watch repairman, who didn’t tell him something was wrong with his watch other than it needed a new battery, and charge him unnecessarily!
    Hashem was looking out for him.

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