Where Would I Be…?

Believe me, my brothers, if it weren’t that I believed that Hashem stands behind everything that happens, and if I didn’t believe that Hashem’s hashgachah is over every detail, I would be lost from the world (i.e., depressed and broken) long ago due to all the hardships, distress, poverty, exile, and shame that I endured…

But Hashem helped me, and I don’t get distressed over these troubles. Because when a person truly believes that there is nothing in the world other than Hashem, all the hardships are sweetened in the wake of his emunah. Even without shouting out to Hashem in prayer, with just emunah and bitachon, everything will appear to be a chesed, immediately. ~ Rebbe Eizik of Kamarna zt’l

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2 Responses to Where Would I Be…?

  1. Judy Cohen says:

    What about the tragedy in Miami?

    • Emuna Daily says:

      It is very difficult, but that is his point. If we didn’t have emunah and just believed that terrible things happen for no reason, we would be lost. But with emunah, we trust that even if we don’t know the reason, we believe that everything Hashem does is for the best. Maybe we won’t know why for a year, 20 years or only after 120 years, but in the end, that is our belief. Hashem has HIs reasoning, controls everything and that should give us comfort.

      See the quote from yesterday, which I think is also on point and makes a lot of sense.

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