Blessed for a Reason

People are given gifts.  They are born with skills and talents, and they’ve been blessed for a reason.

It’s because Hashem wants them to use those blessings. Each one of us has a mission: our skills tell us how to serve Him.

My great-grandfather would say that the ultimate blessing, Bircas Kohanim, opens with the words, “Yevarechecha Hashem v’yishmerecha – Hashem should bless you and watch over you.”

He explained the connection between blessings and protecting.  A person who’s blessed, who’s given wealth or health or intellect, has a mandate: he or she has to be careful to use it correctly, not to waste it, so the berachah includes “v’yishmerecha,” that the gift be safeguarded so that it’s used in the right way. ~ Elan Teichman 

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