The Baseball Fan

A young boy dressed in a baseball uniform came to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. 

“Are you a player?” asked the Rebbe.

“No” said the child, “I was there as a fan, to cheer my team.”

The Rebbe continued “If the score is 7 to 0, can a player on the team that is losing leave, even before the game is over?”

“No, of course not,” the boy said, “he’s still in middle of the game.”

“But a spectator can leave if he wants to, right?” the Rebbe asked.

The boy nodded.

“In life,” the Rebbe looked the boy in the eye, “try not to be a spectator, who can simply get up and walk away when things look like they aren’t going your way: try to be a player, in it until the end, knowing that it’s your responsibility to try to make a difference!”

~ R’ Moshe Weinberger

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