There With You

Believe with emunah sheleimah that when you stand to light Chanukah lecht, all the sparks of your soul and of your fathers’ and grandfather’s neshamos, all the way up to Adam HaRishon are standing there with you. This occurs to every Yid who lights Chanukah lecht, as these neshamos hope that perhaps with your inspiration by Chanukah lecht, they will merit a rectification and they can reach their origin and source.

~ The Meir Einei Chachamim (12:2)

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1 Response to There With You

  1. Ayelet Malihi says:

    This is my Family Hanukkah miracle- one of the most incredible stories that you’ll even hear. Please watch to the end and share everywhere- to merit others. Happy Hanukkah!

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