We, the Jewish people, are less than a quarter of a percent of the world’s population.

If I told you that we were ten percent, you’d say that makes sense, but we’re not even one percent. One percent is almost five times more than our number.

What does that mean to you?

Rare is special.

Rare is precious.

Rare is unique.

Do we think about this, what it means for each one of us? Do we embrace that uniqueness or do we try to hide it? Look at the numbers, look where we stand – then consider what that really tells us about who we are.

~ Rav Gav Friedman

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1 Response to Rare

  1. Gitta Bixenspanner says:

    Awesome idea,good to think of it . We are indeed amazing in our small numbers, and the world tends to blame all ills on the Jewish people.

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