Two Thoughts on Tefillin

The end of this week’s parsha, Bo, discusses the mitzvah of Tefillin. So here are two thoughts to have in mind:

When one awakens in the morning and puts on tefillin, this good deed should draw many other good deeds throughout the day because we know, mitzvah goreres mitzvah – one mitzvah leads to another mitzvah.  R’ Yitzchak of Ravdil asked, then why aren’t we all tzadikim?  He answered that the segulah of mitzvah goreres mitzvah only occurs when one performs the mitzvah with joy.  If one wears tefillin by rote, it won’t have this effect. The same applies for all mitzvos.    

And second, some men have a tendency to take their tefillin off before davening is over.  However, keep in mind, R’ Dovid Biderman zt”l taught that wearing tefillin until after Aleinu is a segulah for parnassah

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2 Responses to Two Thoughts on Tefillin

  1. Yosef Krohn says:

    Where does it say that this is a segula for parnassa.

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