What makes the Yetzer Hara Chuckle

No one likes to say, “I don’t want to do it.” Instead, the yetzer hara makes us say, “I have no time.”

When we say, “I’d like to do it and one day I will.” The yetzer hara gives a chuckle. 

He got us.

Yeah, we think, it would be nice to review the sedrah twice each week, like the halachah says, but I have no time. When I retire, I’ll sit under a palm tree in Florida and do it, for sure. 

Guess what? When you have time, you might not be able to see as well, or concentrate, whatever it is. The yetzer hara has won.

Chazal tell us, “Ein ve’atah elah lashon teshuvah – the term ‘now’ is a reference to teshuvah.” Because when a person learns to say, “I’ll do it right now,” he’s on the way home.~ R’ Moshe Meir Weiss

Again, the new cycle of Mishna Berurah Yomi has just begun.  Don’t give a reason to make the yetzer hara chuckle.  Let’s do this!  Here is a link to the series.  https://outorah.org/series/3762/

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