How Jews Fight

We don’t fight with swords. We fight with life.

We get revenge on Hitler, yimach shemo, by having children, and then they have children.

More life.

More mitzvos.

More joy.

You said our crime was being Jewish. Well, we’ll show you that being Jewish is what gives our lives meaning and value. It’s what we celebrate.

That’s how we fight.

Light and light and more light. That’s how a Jew fights.

~ Charlie Harary

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1 Response to How Jews Fight

  1. Simcha Arona Liss says:

    Yes but we must also fight politically with armies etc! Israel must defend our land! Israel must stop giving land back to the terrorist! We know our boundaries that God gave us for Eretz Yisrael! Judea and Samaria Hevon etc!!! Israel must stop caving in to the terrorists!!!

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