A Goal

A goal is more than an end to strive for; it is a strong arm which leads one along, where otherwise he would flounder or falter.  ~ R’ Shraga Silverstein zt”l

Today begins the new daf yomi cycle of Talmud Yerushalmi. Hatzolchah Rabbah to all who are going to try it.

You can download the Artscroll Brachos for free here – https://www.artscroll.com/yerushalmi.html

There are many shiurim that will be available on OU’s All Daf app and website, but the first shiur given by R’ Zecharia Resnick is only 11 minutes and that includes a 6-minute introduction – https://yidpod.com/podcasts/the-quick-daf-yerushalmi/

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    Mazel Tov. B’H’

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