Answers to the Question of the Week #2

In the beginning of the week, I asked the following:

“What practical advice would you give someone who wants to improve their davening?” 

So many of you stepped up and shared the most incredible answers! You are all amazing!  We can literally publish a Seifer with each eitza that was given.  Below are ten that I chose to share here, but I really encourage everyone to click this link to view them all:

  1. Come to shul early. Relax for a moment before you start. Take in the moment and realize that you are about to speak to Hashem. What an honor and opportunity you have. Take advantage.
  2. Start with thank you.
  3. Create a conceptual space in your mind where there is only you and Hashem with His undivided attention. Go to that place whenever you daven.
  4. Pick a line, paragraph or section of the davening, and learn more about it. Read the English and make sure you understand the meaning of it. Focus on it for a day or a week and then do the same thing with another part of davening.
  5. I sometimes imagine that this is the last time I will pray before I die, and I only have this chance to put everything into it.
  6. Really believe that Someone is listening.
  7. Daven for your davening
  8. Slow down
  9. Build a closer relationship with Hashem by talking to Him in your own words whenever you can. Thank Him for everything. Ask Him for both the small things and the big things. This will work wonders for your emuna and improve your tefillos.
  10. Know that Hashem has a storehouse of treasures, Brachos, and good things to give you. You just have to daven in order to get them.

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1 Response to Answers to the Question of the Week #2

  1. C. D. Lapidus says:

    thank you . what a gold mine cdl

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