Question of the Week #6

I know that not everyone uses WhatsApp, but for those of you who do:

What are your favorite Torah related WhatsApp Groups?

Please share your answers using this form:

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5 Responses to Question of the Week #6

  1. With all due respect, I don’t like this question… not all of us use social media…

    Respectfully,Ben (בן ציון)


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    • Emuna Daily says:

      I understand and am sorry if this offended you. I know some categorize WhatsApp as “social media” but to me, it is just a better texting app. These days, a tremendous amount of Torah is being spread via WhatsApp that is just not possible with regular text or email. People are gaining so much more because of it. However, I 100% respect your opinion and maybe should have phrased it differently. Thank you!

  2. Devora says:

    Hilchos Shabbos – children –> Miriam Ventura voice notes a halacha or two of the day from a book which Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld wrote (he also has many shiurim that I’ve listened to on Torah Anytime has his own Podcast) what you can or cannot tell or hint to a child to do for yourself or the child on Shabbos. (for women only)

    CoffeenKavana –> Miriam Ventura shares short Torah inspirational videos, posts about Emunah, Tzniut and all things that Jewish women relate to (for women only)

  3. Joyce Guendi says:

    Hi! I didn’t get the answers to this. Are you ab

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