Hashem Believes in You

Hashem woke you up this morning because he had emuna in you that you would succeed today.

We say in Modeh Ani, “rabbah emunasecha.”  Your emuna in me is so great Hashem, that you gave me life so I can serve You today. 

Do you hear what’s going on over here? Hashem gave you life and put you in this situation because He has emuna in you that you can do it!

Hashem could have put you in any generation.  You could have been born in Moshe Rebeinu’s generation eating manna.  But Hashem said, I am going to put you in this generation, you know why?  Because I believe in you, that you will be able to pass the test that I put in this generation. 

“Hashem does not give a person a test that he cannot pass.”  That means you all can do it.  That means we all can do it! ~ R’ Yosef Palacci

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3 Responses to Hashem Believes in You

  1. Layah Ornish says:

    Great chizuk!

  2. Chani s. says:

    Thank you!

  3. private private says:

    Amen. B’H’

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