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A Jewish Cry

How did Pharaoh’s daughter know that the child that she was pulling from the river was Jewish just from hearing him cry? Because a Jewish cry is unique; together with despair it contains an element of hope.  A Jew is … Continue reading

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Yosef’s Bloody Coat

“It is conceivably possible that the gentile accusations of blood libels in years past, were the punishment for the deceitful behavior of the brothers who dipped Yosef’s coat into the blood of a goat and then brought it to Yaakov … Continue reading

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The Man on the Park Bench

There was once a king who ruled in a town. Once a year he would take off his crown and his royal clothes. He would then put on regular clothes and go out to speak with the people to hear … Continue reading

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The Poor Man’s Korbon

“The reason that it is permissible for a poor man to bring a smaller korbon than a wealthy man, is that his poverty itself is an atonement, and through it he is already cleansed of his sin.” ~ Techeles Mordechai … Continue reading

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Something to Say at Your Seuda

I heard this last year from R’ Shalom Axelrod.  Hopefully, I will do it justice.   There are two times in the Torah that Parshas Zachor, the story of Amalek, is discussed at length.  However, they are each preceded by two … Continue reading

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Heavy of Mouth

“Moshe Rabbeinu described himself as ‘Heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue.’  Were it not for the fact that Moshe was not an accomplished speaker, nor a gifted orator, Bnei Yisrael would have likely remained in Egypt without being redeemed … Continue reading

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How Fast the Tables Turn

See, I have placed you in charge of all the land of Egypt (Bereishis 41:41) Imagine a person God forbid becomes bankrupt, and they are down in the dumps, living in darkness. How long does it take for them to become … Continue reading

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2 Quick Lessons from the Parsha

“The pasuk tells us that when the brothers saw Yosef approaching from afar, they decided right then and there to kill him. But by the time he reached them, the plan had changed, and they ended up selling him.  We … Continue reading

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How Great is Shalom Bayis

How great is the preservation of peace, for even the Holy One Blessed Is He altered the truth for the sake of peace! For initially it is written that Sarah laughed to herself at the absurdity of having a child, … Continue reading

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It was Good

Here is a short vort on the parsha to repeat at the shabbos table: “Why doesn’t the Torah state ‘Ki Tov – It was good’ – after the creation of man, as it does after all the other things created … Continue reading

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