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Like a Bird

Just as a bird will soar ever higher only as long as it vigorously beats its wings but will begin to fall and descend to earth as soon as it stops its energetic activity, so too it is with man. … Continue reading

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Many Levels

Faith has many levels.  The level you are on depends on how intensely you live and feel your faith – how real and alive it is to you.  Concomitantly, your level of faith dictates the demands the Almighty will place … Continue reading

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The Totality of our Lives

We must know that faith is not something that can merely remain in our thought; rather, it must permeate the totality of our lives. ~ Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Ask not “How can I get all the things I want?” Ask “How can I enjoy the things I have?” ~ Chicken Soup to Warm the Neshama

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We Are All Different

No two minds are alike, [just as] no two faces are alike ~ Berachot 58a

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Mind Wandering?

If your mind strays while praying, do not give up trying to concentrate.  As soon as your realize you are not concentrating on what you are saying, at that very moment begin concentrating. ~ Vilna Gaon

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No Room

The Torah states “As soon as Yaakov left…Esau his brother came…”(Genesis 27).  As soon as the righteous Yaakov leaves the evil Esau enters his place.  There is no room for compromise in Torah. ~ The Alter of Novhardok

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