A Berachah from the Gadol Hador

The following is an excerpt from the book, The Gadol Hador, by R’ Binyomin Kirshner, which I highly recommend:

My chavrusa told me that a few months after his sister got married, his parents and their mechutanim were reminiscing about the wedding of their beloved children.  The chassan’s father mentioned that he had been by R’ Elyashiv for a berachah for his son just a few months before they met.  The kallah’s father said, “Amazing! So was I!” The father of the chassan was so excited that he took out his camera which had a video of him getting the berachah and showed it to his mechutan.  When he got to the end of the video, his eyes almost popped out, as did the eyes of his mechutan.  Surprisingly enough, standing next in line to receive a berachah for his daughter was none other than the father of the kallah!  The two mechutanim hadn’t even known each other at that point, but in Heaven the match had already been decreed.

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