They will never find out…

If you say something derogatory about another person, you are guilty of speaking loshon hora even if that person does not find out about it or suffer any consequent loss or damage. ~ Guard Your Tongue

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4 Responses to They will never find out…

  1. Netanel Abramov says:

    Hi thanks for all these Emails, would you be able to tell me the makor for this?

    Netanel Abramov

    • Emuna Daily says:

      I apologize for mistakenly not including the source, which I will add now. I took this from the book, Guard Your Tongue. If you are looking for where he got it, I looked in the seifer this morning and didn’t see a footnote, but I believe it is based on several books by the Chofetz Chaim including Shmiras Halashon and Chofetz Chaim.

  2. Itzy Weisberg says:

    The quote from the Chofetz Chaim ZT”L is right on, however, I believe that the message YOU are imparting to the speaker of loshon horah is wrong, You give the impression that the person talked about wasn’t harmed; That’s not true and in fact the person speaking loshon hora indeed caused the subject of his/her LH irreparable harm metaphysically. The issue of Eyein Horah is a serious subject and people should know that when they speak LH they are setting in motion a scrutiny of the subject talked about which was deferrered until they spoke about him/her.But not only is the subject being talked about under extreme scrutiny, but Middah K’neged Middah the speaker of the LH is scrutinized even more.

    • Emuna Daily says:

      I agree with you completely. The Ayin Horah aspect of it is very serious. But, as you said, the above quote is correct. I don’t think it is implying anything else. It is just giving the halacha so that one should not think that if the victim doesn’t hear it or suffer any physical damage, then it is not considered loshon hora. It most certainly is. It doesn’t state this, but yes, additionally, the speaker is causing him an ayin horah regardless, which is not a good thing. Yasher koach!

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