Smooth Sailing?

Challenges are not an unfortunate fact of life, but rather, a sign of Hashem’s trust and confidence in your ability to prevail.

In the late 1800s, the Jewish population of Europe was going through particularly difficult times.  The Rebbe of a Chassidic community called for a meeting.  That evening, the streets were silent, as everyone sat in the shul.  The Rebbe walked in, strode purposefully to the Aron Kodesh, opened it, and put his hand on one of the Sifrei Torah.

“My dear Chassidim,” he said.  “I beg of each of you, if there is ever a moment in your lives when you feel that you are not being tested, when you feel that life is flowing smoothly and seamlessly, stop whatever you are doing and run to the shul.  Open the Aron Kodesh, place your head between the Sifrei Torah, and cry your heart out.  When you finish, raise your eyes to the Heavens and say ‘Hashem, why did you decide to let my life flow without any challenge?  Did You lose confidence in me?'” ~ From the book, The 6 Constant Mitzvos

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