Suggestion #4

However much Torah we are learning, we can probably learn more.  I don’t think there has ever been a time history where the opportunity to learn Torah was more accessible to the average person than it is today.  There are so many resources available to us.  Are we fully taking advantage of them?

I can’t believe it has been four and half years since I posted this idea – – of learning Mishna Berura Yomi.  Yesterday we finished the 4th volume of 6, and today we will IY”H start the 5th which discuss the halachos of all the Jewish holidays.

Today is the perfect time for you to join.  It will only take you 10-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.   Listen to it on your computer, as a podcast on your phone or just by using the OU Torah app.  Here is a link to today’s shiur –

In a year from now, you will wish you started this today.   Go ahead and give it a try.

If that is not for you, consider learning something else for even just 5 extra minutes each day.  Do you have 5 minutes before or after davening, while in the car or train, before you go to sleep?  A few years ago, I started learning one halacha each night out of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch with my wife before we would go to sleep, and now we are almost done!  Don’t underestimate how much you can accomplish with just a few extra minutes a day.

There is a famous story about Rav Zelig Reuven Bengis zt”l, who went through shas hundreds of times throughout his life.  One time, after completing shas, he decided to make a siyum.  One of his students asked him why he decided to make a siyum this time, considering he hadn’t made a siyum upon completing shas the previous few times.  R’ Bengis answered that this siyum is special, because “I completed shas when I didn’t have time to learn.”  He explained that whenever he was standing on line or waiting for a bus, he pulled out his gemara and learned.   He made the most of those moments and used them to complete shas.

Let’s also try to find those moments and make the most of them.  You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish with those moments.

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