Suggestion #5

Let’s work on coming to shul on time or even early!

First consider this quote:

“It was worthwhile for Hashem to create the world, and to keep it existing for six thousand years, just for one person to recite ‘Baruch hu u’varuch shemo‘ just one time.  However, saying ‘Baruch hu u’varuch shemo’ even a thousand times is less important than responding ‘Amen‘ once, and responding ‘Amen‘ a thousand times is less important than answering ‘Amen, Yehei Shmei Rabba…’ once.” ~ R’ Elya Lopian heard this from the Alter of Kelm

Now consider the following:

“One who comes only five minutes late to davening every day, loses the possibility to answer ‘Boruch Hu Uvoruch Shimoh’ and ‘Amen’ five thousand times over the course of the entire year!” ~ R’ Aizik Ausband Shlit”a

What a shame it is to come late to davening!   Let’s try to make an extra effort to get there on time.  But while we are at it, (and this is geared more toward the men) maybe make the extra effort to come earlier and be one of the first ten at the minyan.

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: One should always rise up early so as to be among the first ten [in shul to form a minyan].  Even if a hundred come later, he receives the reward [equal to] them all.  ~ Berachos 47b

If we can’t do this every day, how about trying to be among the first ten to minyan on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.   Wouldn’t those be great days to “receive the reward [equal to] them all?”

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4 Responses to Suggestion #5

  1. Gila Jedwab says:

    I always struggle with this type of motivation by guilt Judaism

  2. etilis1 says:

    Jeremy.  Thank you so much for sharing these great suggestions and opportunities! They are so helpful and appreciated. I am incorporating them in the past few shiurim that I’ve been giving. I especially like that you made a reference to the “joining in / me too” Rav Miller idea..I personally have never heard that pshat about Shem and yefes and loved it. So much better than the way “me too” is used in today’s times. I hope you’re enjoying the Rav Miller chovos halevavos sefarim.. in Boynton they are a big part of our lives.. We talk about some of the ideas all the time including during our ultimate Frisbee breaks..  Thank you again for what you do.. I will always credit you for pushing me indirectly to join the daf yomi and ultimately for getting smicha.. I still remember the day I happened to be at Eli Weisfeld’s house and out of the blue he told me you finished shas on ur commute.. I said to myself what am I doing with my life if Jeremy can do it I certainly have to try. 

    you definitely have a share in every single shiur I give and Torah learned..  Kesiva u Chasima Tova. 

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    • Emuna Daily says:

      Thank you so much! It’s people like you that keep me going. Whenever I am down, I remind myself, “Oh wait, there is an Eli Tilis in the world” and then I feel better. I am so appreciative of you introducing R’ Avigdor Miller’s parsha sheets to me. I have grown so much from them. I have also spread the word to others. As for his seifer on Chovos Halevavos, I already set it aside to take with me for Rosh Hashana. I am just beginning, but so far, so good.

      I am also so happy you are enjoying the suggestions I have been posting. I have 5 more and am very excited about them.

      Anyway, may you continue to light up the world with your MEGA shiurim and everything else you do and may you and your family have a shana tovah and a kesiva vichasima tova!

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