Suggestion #6 – The Power of Tehillim

Perhaps, if you are not doing so already, add saying some Tehillim to your daily repertoire. 

The power of reciting Tehillim is well documented.  The Tzemach Tzedek, went so far as to say: “If people would realize the power of the verses of Tehillim and its influence in the heavens, they would recite it continually. The chapters of Tehillim break through all barriers as they soar aloft, higher and higher, uninterrupted. They prostrate themselves before the Master of the Universe.”

Some customs include saying the psalm corresponding to your age, each day.  For example, a person aged 41 recites Psalm 42 (since from the age of 0 to the day before a first birthday would correspond to Psalm 1).  Other customs include saying a daily portion based on the monthly cycle of thirty readings, which could be found in every book of Tehillim.

Let’s give it a shot.  Who knows what an effect it will have!

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