Just a Few Minutes – Start Now

The Medrash Taplios, according to the version of the Chida, states that Yaakov’s  son, Asher, will stand by the doors of Gehinnom and not let anyone who regularly studies Mishnayos in.  Not only that, but the Arizal adds that Asher will also bring such a person to Gan Eden.   

Today we begin the newest cycle of Mishna Yomis – a program in memory of the one million children who perished in the Holocaust, who were unfortuantely never able to learn mishnayos.  By learning just two mishnayos each day, you will complete all of Shas in less than 6 years, a phenomenal accomplishment. 

I pitched this idea here back in April of 2016 and Baruch Hashem made a siyum today.  I have to say that of all the yomi programs (Daf Yomi, Nach Yomi, Mishna Berurah Yomi etc.), this was by far the easiest, as it literally takes less than a few minutes.  And today, there are so many more fabulous resources such as the incredible All Mishnah app which launched today and can be found here: https://allmishnah.org/landing.   The All Mishnah app and website provides so many options including a quick 3 minute a day shiur on the 2 mishnayos.   It makes it so interesting and easy.  

Another great free app that includes the entire Mishna with Kehati can be found in the links below.

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nocker.kehati&hl=en

IPhone – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kehati/id1059791961?mt=8

I learned the mishnayos right before I took off my tefillin each day. You can do this!  Take it one day at a time.  Learn the first 2 mishanyos of Berachos now and see how easy this could be.  Then share this with someone else who you think might give this a try.  I wish you all the best and hope to celebrate another cycle together in less than 6 years from now.  Hatzlochah Rabbah!  

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