The Right Attitude Towards Competitors 

Reb Zalman Brizel zt’l had a bakery in Meah Shearim where one of his employees learned
the tricks of the trade and opened his own bakery nearby.

Not only was Reb Zalman not angry, he even offered him advice on how to improve his business.  

Upon being asked why he did this, Reb Zalman replied, “My parnassah was pre-determined on Rosh Hashanah, so he isn’t taking anything away from me. In fact, he is saving me time and work because he is taking some of my customers while, simultaneously, I’m not losing money. So, if he helps me, shouldn’t I have hakaras hatov and help him, too?”

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2 Responses to The Right Attitude Towards Competitors 

  1. Alan Langer says:

    Your showing what a good jewish man does.

  2. says:




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