Torah-Related WhatsApp Groups

Last week, we asked, “What are your favorite Torah-related WhatsApp Groups?” 

Here is a link to the complete list, which I hope those of you who use WhatsApp will make good use of

And here are some of my favorites:

Video Category

For those of you looking for daily inspirational short video clips from amazing speakers, join Torah Anytime and Meaningful Minute – These are classics that everyone should subscribe to.

For short very well-produced inspirational videos on personal kedusha and real-world strategies in Shmiras Einayim, join Vayimaen  – This is new and I absolutely love it!

Written Category

Bring your davening to a whole new level by joining Tefillah Yomi – – I am VERY excited about this new group, which is similar in style to Emuna Daily.  A short daily thought based on the teachings of Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l is sent out each morning to further your understanding and appreciation of your daily tefillos. They are about to start going through Shemona Esrei, so now is the perfect time to join! Trust me on this one. Join it today and thank me tomorrow.  

Speaking of which, if you are not already subscribed to Emuna Daily, join the thousands of people who receive a short powerful quote each morning and start the day off right – – – This one is obviously close to my heart and a fan favorite! 

Audio Category

I recently joined Orchos Chaim L’Harosh – – A daily dose of personal growth in the form of a short 2-3 minute daily audio shiur in Orchos Chaim L’Harosh – It is short and sweet. I have gained immensely from it and you will too.   

And lastly, once we are inspired by all the above groups, listen to a quick daily shiur on Hilchos Shabbos – – and/or Hilchos Brachos – – from Rabbi Aaron Weichbrod.  I joined each of these a couple of months ago and have learned so much!   

I can only feature so many, but I encourage you to go to to see the complete list, which I hope to continue to update.

Now please do a mitzvah and forward this to your friends and family so they can also benefit!

Let’s spread Torah together!

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